Festival: Tips & Tricks

hey honeys!

I am super excited to share this post with y’all! Festival season is here and there’s a reason people go all out for these thangs. I’m going to get right to it and share with you all some of my go-to style tricks when I’m getting ready for a weekend of drinking, dancing, music-binging and everything in between!

First and foremost, comfort is key. I know that my outfit here may not strike you personally as comfortable but it’s easy to throw on plus it’s loose and flowy–all things I prefer in pieces I have to be wearing for long periods of time. Can I dance in this outfit? Most absolutely I can! My advice to you is to make sure what you wear breathes and moves with you while you’re wild’n out!






Secondly, can you go to the bathroom easily in your outfit of choosing? I’m breaking like a top priority here with my shorteralls pick, but FASHION OVER EVERYTHING, AMIRITE?! lollllz. But seriously, it truly is an important thing to consider when bathroom lines are long, porter-potty stalls are tiny, and you’ve got less than three minutes to pee and dart to the next stage. Also, it is rare for me to rare rings when I know I’m going to be dancing, holding drinks, putting a backpack on and off…it’s just asking for me to lose them!



Let’s not forget: are you wearing comfortable shoes? I’m wearing some pretty basic gladiator sandals so in a nutshell my feet won’t be sweating and I can kick ’em off if I feel like rocking bare feet. I wouldn’t recommend wearing a pair of new shoes you haven’t broken in yet, but if you wear closed-toe shoes at all invest in some comfy socks to prevent blisters.






This is cruicial– are you wearing sweat-proof makeup?? This one is pretty self-explanatory. Here are some of my festival staples: Foundation, setting spray, long-lasting lipstick

Basic pieces can be just as fun and trendy as layering and mixing patterns. Don’t feel like because the ‘norm’ is to be over-the-top that that’s what you have to do! Adding jewelry or fun makeup can get you the vibe you’re going for without breaking the bank or being uncomfortable. Also, there are other ways of showing skin besides wearing a bikini top and jean shorts, like how I did an off the shoulder top here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about that life, especially when it’s hot AF outside. But use these opportunities to challenge yourself and your style–wear things you may not otherwise!











Lastly, wear whatever you want to! Dress in costume, wear an oversized tshirt as a dress, wear whatever makes YOU happy. Because in the end, that’s all that matters! 😀

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