behind l&l

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Hey y’all! My name is Emily, and I’m a twenty-something marketing rep and graduate student just entering the world of fashion and lifestyle blogging. I’m super excited to have you visiting my site, so let me tell you about who I am:

Boutique junkie, dog lover, planner obsessed, cupcake connoisseur, I love a live concert and a great sci-fi novel. I trip over my own two feet more than I don’t, and you can always catch me laughing at myself. I would choose a fancy dinner over back-porch-sittin’, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy being from Louisiana. I love our Cajun-French culture and we have the best food of any state hands-down. I haven’t always had the love for fashion that I have now. Heck, I haven’t always had a sense of style! It is something I am still growing into. I take it day by day and hope it all eventually works out in my favor!

You might be wondering–where did ‘Limerence & Luck’ come from?  Well, when you Google it, limerence can be defined loosely as unrequited love; infatuation or obsession with another person from whom you’re strongly hoping for reciprocated feelings. Kind of pitiful and sad, right? But when I learned about the word and read it in context, I really felt it applied to me, as I consider myself the quintessential hopeless romantic. Plus, my obsession and love–my limerence–is for life and all the twists and turns, ups and downs it brings you through.  I chose ‘Luck’ out of pure irony, as I am the unluckiest person you will probably ever meet. I just happen to love being well-dressed through all of life’s kinks and quirks and priceless moments. Haha!

This is a whole new world to me–as new to me as it is to you. Honestly, without the encouragement from friends and my computer-savvy boyfriend, I wouldn’t have made it this far. I look forward to growing and learning together, one #ootd at a time. Follow along to see how I style my life and how you can too!