Paint the Town Red: Holiday Cocktail


Let me start by saying I’m SO incredibly grateful for the absolute babes I have as friends! They took an entire Saturday afternoon to humor me and help me with this post. Couldn’t ask for better! Let me introduce you!

The *fabulous* Niki Kleinberger. (@nikikleinberger)

Favorite color: white or orange
Describe your style in one word: sporty or rockstar-inspired
Best known for: her laugh
Favorite thing about the holidays: “peppermint chocolate, holiday parties, and holiday lights all over the city!”

This girl does it all. When she’s not teaching fitness classes in New Orleans, she’s prepping for bikini fitness competitions. And no, Niki isn’t short for anything. How freaking rockstar is that?! Ugh!

The tall, leggy blonde: Michelle Lagarde

Favorite color: wine or garnet
Describe your style in one word: sexy-chic
Best known for: her idrc what anyone thinks about me attitude (it’s endearing)
Favorite thing about the holidays: “It’s a cheerful and happy time to spend with loved ones. Plus, it’s always a fun time when you mix family, friends, and alcohol! Haha!”

When Michelle isn’t working in Nola, she’s a full-time business student. She’s definitely got a handle on the balancing act of life as a college student (which is more than I can say for myself at times, lolz). [Michelle made these pictures of all of us laughing as natural as they could possibly be with her sarcastic wit.]

The bootylicious bombshell: Brittni Lagarde

Favorite color: blues or greens (cool colors)
Describe your style in one word: boho-romantic
Best known for: kicking butt at her job, and building that booty up at the gym (HAHA ily Brit)
Favorite thing about the holidays: “the cooler weather and the friendly, cheerful spirit everyone has”

Brit’s a walking ball of “I’ll try anything once; but if I don’t want to, I can definitely convince you to try it.” There’s so much life to be lived when you learn to say, “Sure! Why not?!”

And then there was me!

Favorite color: blue or purple
Describe your style in one word: trendy
Best known for: LOL my never-ending awful luck (I wish I was exaggerating!)
Favorite thing about the holidays: Christmas lights and decorations, holiday sweets, oversized sweaters with knit scarves, and gift-giving!


Before I link pieces, I want to point out how myself and each of the girls are sporting a different trend of holiday attire! Niki with her midi velvet dress, Michelle making a statement with great fit, Brittni with quintessential sparkle, and me with a bold pop of color. We also are all donning killer heels and different variations of winter-appropriate lips: flattering nude, dark purple/merlot, feminine berry, and of course holiday red! There truly are no rights or wrongs with fashion in my opinion. The holidays simply provide a wonderful excuse for you to be the best-dressed version of yourself! But by at least knowing what style or trend you’d prefer to wear to a particular event or party, it makes shopping that much easier. Now, go pour yourself a glass of champagne and cheers to great family, beautiful friends, and a promising new year!


Dresses: Red; Velvet; Velvet; Velvet; Velvet; Velvet; Bodycon; Bodycon; Bodycon; Bodycon; Sequins; Sequins; Sequins; Sequins; Sequins

Shoes: Wine pumps; Wine pumps; Wine pumps; Wine sandal; Wine heels; Nude wrap heel; Nude wrap heel; Nude ankle strap pump; Nude ankle strap pump; Sparkly heels (hurry, they’re on sale!)

Jewelry: statement necklace; statement necklace; gold earrings; gold earrings; bracelets; dressy watch

***Photos c/o Kelsey & Kurt Coste, photographers***