Planner Favorites

I have used academic agendas and planners since I was in the fifth grade. I continued using a planner even when out of school, so I would have important dates, meetings, appointments, numbers, all written down in one place along with my work schedule. Now, traveling so much for work and with grad school, there is no way I could survive without a planner.

lillymediumLilly Pulitzer medium agenda, $24

All through college, I used Lilly Pulitzer agendas. I mostly used the jumbo-sized for my school days. Once out of school though, I had no need to eliminate fishing one out of a backpack, and I found the medium-sized agenda had plenty of space enough for me, and could easily fit in my purse or tote bag. Lilly planners have original and feminine designs, come with a stretchy fabric bookmark strap, and a page of fun stickers so you can make your weeks and months your own.

plumpaperplannerPlum Paper weekly agenda, $31

This past year, I found the most wonderfully affordable customizable planner option at Plum Paper Designs, the Etsy shop.  I have raved and raved about these planners to friends, classmates, coworkers. Not only are there a ton of cover options to choose from, but you can also choose to add a monogram or your name to the front cover! (I’m a Southern girl, I love my monograms.) I chose to do a pretty mint and gold fishscale pattern with my name, pictured here, with the vertical weekly page design. Here is what’s really cool, you can completely customize your pages AND what they say! Do you need more space to plan dinner? You can add the columns. Do you need more than one extra column or row to write down meetings and commitments to specific clubs or organizations? You got it! Need to remember which kid has which practice where? Completely customizable guys.

If you are shooting for a teacher planning aid, a fitness journal or tracker, something to organize your bill payment schedule with, sticker add-ons, photo customization, I cannot stop bragging on these Plum Paper planners, they thought of pretty much everything. Now, where Plum Paper differs from the rest of the planners I will mention is that its covers are not hard cardboard, but they do come with a flexible plastic cover on front and back. (Even the covers are interchangeable y’all!) I can definitely say you would not be disappointed if you purchased a Plum Paper Planner.


Ashley Shelly planner, $54.95

I’m guilty guilty GUILTY of using multiple planners at a time. If I don’t write something down more than once, chances are I will either forget a piece of the information, or forget it altogether. Plus, when I discover new agendas I like to test all of them out to see which one works best for me! Sometimes I’ll even use a separate agenda for school vs work so my pages don’t get too crammed with information. Again, it’s all about what you prefer. Another agenda I discovered last year is the Ashley Shelly Planner. This hardcover planner is seriously designed with the user in mind. Check out this video of Ashley Shelly giving a walk through of her planner design, along with tips and tricks of how to organize your days and weeks!

I know this is something so incredibly minor, but when bookmarking methods can be difficult to use, the Ashley Shelly planner’s perforated corners are life-changing. You read that right–perforated corners. I’ve tried everything: cross-folding pages, using the stretchy fabric bookmarks, paperclips and binder clips, ughh everything! Something as simple as tearing off the corner of the paper to save your place so you can save your paperclips and binder clips for filing bill statements or important forms, etc. has made me come back to this planner every time!

Although notes pages and goal pages are something you can order with your Plum Paper planner, Ashley Shelly comes with them, and they are preciously displayed on the pages after the monthly calendar. On these pages, lines and space for your daily or monthly creative goals are included as well as space for what you’d like your typical day to consist of. It’s great motivation if you’re looking for routine, consistency, and a way to plan days that are conducive to striving for and reaching goals.

Even though I hate to have anything negative to say about a planner because I love them all, with the Ashley Shelly planner I found that the weekly layout did not provide me as much room as the Plum Paper weekly layouts did, and not even close to as much room as Lilly’s week pages. Each day is divided into two sections with a to-do list on one side and blank lines on the other, with space to list specific times if needed. Of course you can make the entire row your to-do list, or make the entire row a list of whatever you need to remember for the day, but it doesn’t take away from the lack of room in my opinion. Lastly, the Ashley Shelly planner is spiral-bound, as is the Lilly and the Plum Paper planner, but I found it overly difficult to fold the cover back. It wants to stick to the rings more often than not. BUT Ashley Shelly’s planner comes with super cute stickers too! (I prefer them over Lilly’s.) They’re even color-coordinated with the planner design. Talk about L-O-V-E!


May Designs Classic Maybook, $15

I have recently purchased a couple of classic notebooks, so they’re about medium-sized, but I cannot wait to purchase some large notebooks for my classes this upcoming semester! These maybooks are another customization favorite. There is a cover design with literally any color or pattern you could possible want! I added monograms to mine (lol, obvi), and you can choose the type of lines you want on the inside (except no college-ruled). I love that the covers are canvas and the pages are thicker than regular notebook paper so ink-bleeding and page tears are minimum.


Vera Bradley notebook, $14

There’s nothing super special about these Vera Bradley notebooks other than that I’m obsessed with the patterns. They make me excited to take notes and color-coordinate my studying! Also, older or discontinued patterns always on major sale on!


bicultrafineBIC Mark It Ultra Fine Point, $21 for the assorted 36-pack

These have been my go-to note-taking pens over the last two years. The ultra fine point isn’t as thin of a tip as the ultra fine point Sharpies, or the Le Pens, but I find the colors are more vibrant and don’t get washed away or smeared with highlighter! Trust me, if you like taking your notes in color even a little bit, you will love these!


bicatlantisBIC Atlantis retractable ball point, $12 for a dozen

A friend actually got me hooked on these pens back in my undergraduate college career. They’ve been redesigned since then, but they still write equally as smoothly and beautifully. They don’t have the darkest, blackest ink that some are partial to, but I never had to repetitively go over my notes to get the ink evenly on the page. Best part about these pens, the small grip prevented crazy finger indentations that can make writing for long periods of time less than pleasant.


These are just a few of my favorites and must-have basics to get me through the day and through the school semester. I would love any recommendations or feedback on favorite agendas, notebooks, or must-have office/school supplies! Let me know in the comments!



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I have recently been obsessing over finding great drugstore buys after binge-watching KathleenLights’ YouTube videos. Over the last few weeks, I have tried out some vlogger-recommended buys as well as some I sought out myself. Although I wasn’t able to purchase absolutely everything I wanted, I still scooped up a ton of products to try. I hope you guys find my reviews at least somewhat helpful! I tacked on a wishlist of products at the end of the post. If ya’ll have tried them out, let me know your thoughts!


NYX Tres Jolie Gel Eyeliner in Brown, $12
This is one purchase that Kathleen raves about in her videos. I haven’t worn gel or pencil eyeliner in a REALLY long time. (I love my black liquid liners.) I do think it applied very smoothly and it is a rich, chestnut-y brown. I don’t really have anything negative to say about this eyeliner except that I think $12 is a little on the expensive side. I’ve used Maybelline’s waterproof gel pencils and found they apply equally as smooth and are only $8. Plus, they come in several colors versus only brown and black in the Tres Jolie liners.


L’oreal Voluminous Mascara, $8.49

I have been repurchasing this mascara since high school. I absolutely LOVE it. It comes in Carbon Black, Blackest Black, Black, and Black/Brown. This time around I bought Blackest Black. It also comes in waterproof but I tend to steer away from waterproof mascaras because I have yet to discover a method of removing it that doesn’t involve my eyelashes being pulled out. I highly recommend this mascara. It’s phenom for a drugstore brand.


L’oreal Telescopic Mascara, $10

This is another oldie, but goodie. This mascara lengthens and separates super well, AND the thin brush is great for bottom lashes! When the tube gets low or you aren’t careful putting the wand back into the tube, it can bend the brush and the wand, rendering the mascara almost useless at that point. But I love the look of this formula on the lashes! Another drugstore mascara I really like.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, $7
If you don’t already have this concealer do yourself a favor and go get it! I can’t get enough of these little tubes of creamy goodness! I’m on my third tube already and it feels like such a recent purchase. The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is a dupe for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, but obviously at a much more affordable price. It’s easy to apply, blends amazingly, covers without creasing, I could go on all day. It’s been hard for me to find a store that can keep my colors in stock, so stock up when you find them!

5.  lorealeyebrow

L’oreal Brow Stylist Definer, $9
This is a somewhat new brow pencil for L’oreal from what I understand. I’ve purchased it twice now, and I really like it for the price! It’s super similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz, but if you’re not that big on brows and looking for a more affordable option, here’s one. For me, it’s hard to justify spending so much on a brow pencil or powder because I go through them so quickly! On the other hand, brows are something I don’t leave the house without having done. I love the precision this allows you to have on your brows, and it comes with a spoolie.

6. nyxbrow

NYX Micro Brow Pencil, $10
Hands down my favorite eyebrow tool. I reach for it even more than any of my Anastasia Beverly Hill brow products. It’s so worth the $10! I highly, highly recommend purchasing this in lieu of or even in addition to any expensive brow products!

7.  nyxbrowmas

NYX Brow Mascara, $7
Pair with brow pencil or wear alone, this NYX brow mascara will have your eyebrows groomed AND staying in place all day! Worth the purchase! The blonde shade was a little too light for me, so I repurchased brunette.

8. maybellinebabyskin

Maybelline Baby Skin, $7
I was really excited about this! I have several friends that use this as a foundation primer and love it. I muchhhh prefer my e.l.f. primer I mentioned in a previous post, but for those of you with skin on the dryer side, this is for ya’ll! I prefer to use this when I’m not putting on a heavier liquid foundation, because it doesn’t keep the heavier foundations in place enough for me and my oilier skin. But on days when I’m wearing lighter foundation or powder foundation, this primer works perfectly.


NYX Shine Killer, $14
I used this as a primer, and again, I still much prefer my e.l.f. primer! (Seriously cannot find anything that even touches it yet–Price or quality!) It’s a big step up from the Maybelline Baby Skin, but I wonder if the NYX Pore Filler would have been a better choice. For $14, I want it to do almost as well as high-end primers do, but I can’t say it did for me! I will have to continue to use it into the fall and winter to really see if it’s worth the repurchase.

10.  maybellinefitmefoundation

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Matte + Poreless, $8
I. Cannot. Believe. This. Foundation. Is. Only. $8. Dollars!
Seriously! In my opinion, it was unusually runny out of the bottle, but it went on my face SO smoothly and effortlessly and the coverage is beautiful and buildable! I’m so, so impressed with this foundation, and that’s saying something because high-end is all I’ve been using consistently for the last few years. It lasted through the crazy Louisiana heat and humidity, and I didn’t even have to reapply any setting powder throughout the day, which I normally have to do. What is also so great about the Maybelline Fit Me foundation is that it comes in another formula for those who have drier skin. Check it out here.

11. lorealtruematch

L’oreal True Match Foundation, $10

Alright guys, where do I start! There is a ton of hype about this drugstore foundation. Friends and beauty vloggers alike swear by it. I was so hesitant to purchase this for the longest time because of my temperamental skin, but I couldn’t resist giving it a try. It isn’t as runny out of the bottle as the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, but it doesn’t look as smooth on the skin in my opinion. I feel like this is a full coverage foundation right off the bat, whereas the Fit Me is buildable. It just depends on the kind of coverage you’re looking for and your skin type, but this is a great buy! I personally would rather the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation.

12.  lorealinfalliblepowder

L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Powder, $13
I freaking love this stuff! This was one of the things I just threw into my bag towards the end of my Ulta trip because I loveeee the liquid pro-matte foundation so much, and I’m so glad I did! I would compare this powder to the Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder Foundation…but better. I use it to set any liquid foundation or concealer I put on for the day. Again, if you’ve got drier skin, this powder finish might not be for you.

13.  wetnwildcontour

Wet N Wild Contouring Palette in Dulce de Leche, $5
This is another one Kathleen used repeatedly in her videos, so naturally, I had to get one for myself. And all I can say is: best matte bronzer and setting powder ever! And it’s only $5! I don’t contour much because my face is already so long and narrow but for the little bit I try to do, this duo palette is perfect. Plus, it’s huge. It’s almost bigger than my hand, so you get a ton to work with. It blends and sets beautifully. I love this. Careful though! A little bit goes a LONG way, so tap off any excess from your brush.

14.  pfbutterbronzer

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer, $15
I’ve said before in a previous post that I’m already a fan of Physician’s Formula bronzers. This one smells like intense coconut, which I don’t mind, but this formula is a little on the orange-y side to me. It goes on well, not in patches, but it takes quite a lot of application to get this to show up on my skin. I prefer the Wet N Wild contour powder in the palette above. Oh! And this bronzer looks shimmery in the package but it goes on with a matte finish.

15. essencehighlight

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in Be My Highlight, $5
The highlight train is something I am still hopping on and off, and on again, so I picked up a couple of drugstore highlighters to try. This Essence brand highlighter is ahhhhhhmaze! Five dollars, and so so so natural looking on the skin. It’s not shimmery (which ya’ll know I love my shimmer, but with a highlighter, shimmer can look oily before long), and applies smoothly and really evenly with little effort. It’s literally the perfect natural highlight for everyday use. If it wasn’t 10 o’clock at night I would go put some more on right now! I highly recommend buying this.

16.  kardashianhighlighter

Kardashian Beauty Intimate Spotlight Highlighter in Incandescence, $10

Doing some more research, I think they have discontinued this exact product at Ulta (I picked it up for $3 in the sale bin) but it is still available on the Kardashian Beauty website. You guysssssssss, I loveeeee ittttttt! Kardashian Beauty products get a reputation for being not-so-great, but this highlighter is bomb! It’s got tons of shimmer, so I wear it mostly at night, but it’s easy enough to apply a slight amount for daytime wear. It’s a cream, so I use my finger to apply, but it doesn’t look crazy oily at the end of the day, which is a #blessing. If you’re a highlighter fan, I really, really, really, recommend giving this a try! Let me know what you think!

What’s On My Wishlist:




If you guys have tried any of these products, let me know your thoughts! Again, I hope my thoughts and reviews were helpful!

office florals





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If you haven’t figured it out already…I love wearing bright colors and I love bold prints! This floral midi dress from Viva la Jewels  is the quintessential bright, bold, office-appropriate piece. Now, it is technically a ‘midi dress.’ Meaning, it should be hitting below my knees, but I am on the taller side, so it hits just above my knee, which is still work-approp. The material wasn’t itchy or uncomfortable, I wouldn’t say it really ‘breathed’ well, but I had plenty of room to walk, bend, reach, whatever I may need to do in the office that day. (I’m wearing a small for reference.) Not only is this dress SUPER affordable (it’s only $28 bucks!) but it also comes in three other color options! It could definitely be worn outside of work as well, but I paired it with coral pumps and minimal accessories for the office. Everything is linked below, and every item in this outfit is under $30!

Dress: Viva la Jewels

Pumps: Target (size up 1/2 size)

Bracelets: Aldo, Forever 21